On The Wall Prayer Movement

How to pray for leaders

Election Day is quickly approaching in America. In six weeks, thousands of leadership positions all across America will be renewed or replaced. As the time draws closer it’s inevitable that election campaigns become more intense and often division and strife ensues.

Psalm 1 reads: “Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the wicked, nor stands in the way of sinners, nor sits in the seat of scoffers; but his delight is in the law of the Lord, and on his law he meditates day and night. He is like a tree planted by streams of water that yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither. In all that he does, he prospers. The wicked are not so, but are like chaff that the wind drives away.”

In the next few weeks, we will be providing prayers for America. Specifically for the elected officials.

How can you use Psalm 1 to pray for the leaders?

  1. Specifically call out a particular elected position (not a person, but the position) and pray they receive counsel from the word of God.
  2. Pray that position would be blessed in their pursuit of God’s word.
  3. Pray they would be delighted to know God’s word and be in right standing with God.

This week as we reflect on Psalm 1 in our own life, we can also use this as a specific prayer for those around us. Make a list of elected positions that you want to begin praying over for the next 6 weeks.

Remember, instructions for the prayer movement are simple:

  1. Set your alarm/reminder on your device for 12 Noon EST each day for prayer. You only need to spend 3-5 minutes in corporate prayer with us. If you aren’t able to pray at 12 Noon EST, NO PROBLEM! Just pick a consistent time of prayer each day.
  2. Use the weekly blog/email as a template of how we are praying for the week. It will include a scripture reference + 3 key points to pray.
  3. Share on social media! Our desire to see God’s people come together as ONE in prayer. The more people that join the movement the better!
  4. Starting August 31, you can sign up for a DAILY TEXT notifications to pray. Simply click on the link https://www.remind.com/join/onthewall or TEXT @onthewall to 81010.
On The Wall Prayer Movement

How to pray over your land

Last week we officially launched, On The Wall Prayer Movement (read more about the inception here). We challenged those following along to pray the Lord’s prayer over the week and spend time reflecting in that scripture. It only seemed appropriate to start a prayer movement by reciting the very prayer that Christ himself taught us.

As we move into the meat of the prayer movement, we find ourselves in 2 Chronicles 7:14 as our key scripture for the week. By 2 Chronicles 7, Solomon has built a temple for God to dwell, brought the ark of the covenant into the temple, and given a proper dedication of the space for God and His people. God then gives specific instructions to Solomon.

11 Thus Solomon finished the house of the Lord and the king’s house. All that Solomon had planned to do in the house of the Lord and in his own house he successfully accomplished. 12 Then the Lord appeared to Solomon in the night and said to him: “I have heard your prayer and have chosen this place for myself as a house of sacrifice. 13 When I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or command the locust to devour the land, or send pestilence among my people, 14 if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land. 15 Now my eyes will be open and my ears attentive to the prayer that is made in this place. 16 For now I have chosen and consecrated this house that my name may be there forever. My eyes and my heart will be there for all time. 17 And as for you, if you will walk before me as David your father walked, doing according to all that I have commanded you and keeping my statutes and my rules, 18 then I will establish your royal throne, as I covenanted with David your father, saying, ‘You shall not lack a man to rule Israel.’

19 “But if you turn aside and forsake my statutes and my commandments that I have set before you, and go and serve other gods and worship them, 20 then I will pluck you[d] up from my land that I have given you, and this house that I have consecrated for my name, I will cast out of my sight, and I will make it a proverb and a byword among all peoples. 21 And at this house, which was exalted, everyone passing by will be astonished and say, ‘Why has the Lord done thus to this land and to this house?’ 22 Then they will say, ‘Because they abandoned the Lord, the God of their fathers who brought them out of the land of Egypt, and laid hold on other gods and worshiped them and served them. Therefore he has brought all this disaster on them.’”

On The Wall Prayer Movement will be focusing on three key prayer points for the week:

  1. Humble ourselves. God we repent of thinking that we are in charge and above you. Even in your church, may we acknowledge where we have neglected your leading and followed our own desires.
  2. Hear us. God in our repentance, will you hear our prayers. We your people are calling out.
    • 1 John 5:14 And this is the confidence that we have toward him, that if we ask anything according to his will he hears us
    • Psalm 66: 17-20 I cried to him with my mouth, and high praise was on my tongue. If I had cherished iniquity in my heart, the Lord would not have listened. But truly God has listened; he has attended to the voice of my prayer. Blessed be God, because he has not rejected my prayer or removed his steadfast love from me!
  3. Heal our land. The sincerity of our hearts is for healing. God we humbly ask for your healing, your miracles, your signs and wonders as you heal the land in which we dwell.

Remember, the instructions for the prayer movement are simple:

  1. Set your alarm/reminder on your device for 12 Noon EST each day for prayer. You only need to spend 3-5 minutes in corporate prayer with us. If you aren’t able to pray at 12 Noon EST, NO PROBLEM! Just pick a consistent time of prayer each day.
  2. Use the weekly blog/email as a template of how we are praying for the week. It will include a scripture reference + 3 key points to pray.
  3. Share on social media! Our desire to see God’s people come together as ONE in prayer. The more people that join the movement the better!

On The Wall Prayer Movement

Three things the Lord’s Prayer teaches us to pray

Welcome to Week 1 of On The Wall Prayer Movement! We have been anticipating this movement for a while now and are excited to see how God moves among us as we spend time with Him.

The instructions for the prayer movement are simple:

  1. Set your alarm/reminder on your device for 12 Noon EST each day for prayer. You only need to spend 3-5 minutes in corporate prayer with us. If you aren’t able to pray at 12 Noon EST, NO PROBLEM! Just pick a consistent time of prayer each day.
  2. Use the weekly blog/email as a template of how we are praying for the week. It will include a scripture reference + 3 key points to pray.
  3. Share on social media! Our desire to see God’s people come together as ONE in prayer. The more people that join the movement the better!

Our first week focuses on the Lord’s prayer. After all, Jesus is the ultimate example of how to pray. He taught us a simple and powerful sample of what prayer should look like. Jesus’ prayer is primarily found in Matthew 6:9-13. You can also read corresponding text in Luke 11:3-4. We encourage you to spend time in the scriptures this week.

Prayer Points from Matthew 6:9-13:

  1. Praise and thanksgiving to God the Father. Psalm 100:4, “enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise!”
  2. God’s will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.
  3. Guard us from temptation. Let us discern sin and stand guard against it.

Thanks for joining and sharing… LET’S PRAY!

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On The Wall Prayer Movement

How we are changing the world through prayer

I honestly couldn’t remember the last time I studied the book of Nehemiah. It’s a good possibility I have never even read it in its entirety. Hearing my friend share how Nehemiah had captured her heart and God had given her a new mission, sat me up in my chair. I knew in that moment I needed to study Nehemiah immediately.

Within moments of our Zoom meeting, the three amigos had a new mission: a prayer movement. With everything going on in 2020, the answer seemed simple. It is time to pray. Together. As ONE.

It took me about a week to read through Nehemiah. Here is a brief synopsis of the book:

The book of Nehemiah gives us an autobiographical and biographical view of Jerusalem during the reign of Artaxerxes around 430 B.C. The main character, Nehemiah has been informed of the depilated state of the wall surrounding Jerusalem.

Seeing the despair of Nehemiah, Artaxerxes questions his sadness. Nehemiah then petitions him to be able to survey the wall and rebuild it. The King grants his request and Nehemiah sets out on a mission. Despite naysayers, those in opposition, and incredibly challenging work, Nehemiah and his team complete the wall revision in 52 days. Throughout the process, he positions those to guard and protect the wall and instructs the people to pray and renew their faith in God. There was a great celebration among the people of God at the completion of the wall. Worshipping, reading of the word, prayer, celebration and feasts, confession and repentance, were found among God’s people.

If you are like me, you can probably easily quote Nehemiah 8:10, “the joy of the Lord is your strength.” When you further examine this common phrase, you will find the connection with 1 Chronicles 16:27 and Ezra 6:16. Nehemiah and 1 Chronicles use of joy comes from the Hebrew word chedvah meaning joy and gladness. This word is only used in these two verses and has origination from the Chadlee verse of Ezra 6:16 (And the people of Israel, the priests and the Levites, and the rest of the returned exiles, celebrated the dedication of this house of God with joy).

The use of “strength” in 1 Chronicles translates to might, strength (`oz). In Nehemiah “strength” translates to a place of safety (ma`owz). As Nehemiah and Ezra led the exiles into the great reconstruction of the wall and temple, we read of their overwhelming joy and gladness. The same joy that God had in their worship, rejoicing, and celebrating. God has joy, God is joy, God gives joy!

The completion of the wall was symbolic of God’s protection around them. The JOY OF THE LORD is a strength/might and place of safety. In His joy we find refuge. It doesn’t matter what is happening outside the walls, we are safe. God finds joy in protecting His children. His joy is so spectacular it provides protection. There are several things that bring God joy, and we are one of them! 

Zephaniah 3:17 is a reminder that God rejoices over us with gladness:

The LORD your God is in your midst,
a mighty one who will save;
he will rejoice over you with gladness;
he will quiet you by his love;
he will exult over you with loud singing.

After reading Nehemiah I can’t help but ask myself what example should I be following from this leader?

  1. Unity. Nehemiah was quick to organize the “remnant” and those in exile with a mission. It was a simple mission: rebuild the wall and gates surrounding Jerusalem. Why was this important? These walls would ultimately serve as protection to the people and the temple.
  2. Rededication to God. As the wall neared completion, exiles returned. Soon the priest, Ezra, began reading The Law. The Israelites confessed their sins and returned to right standing with God. Our above mentioned verse comes in play at this point in the story: And Nehemiah, who was the governor, and Ezra the priest and scribe, and the Levites who taught the people said to all the people, “This day is holy to the Lord your God; do not mourn or weep.” For all the people wept as they heard the words of the Law. Then he said to them, “Go your way. Eat the fat and drink sweet wine and send portions to anyone who has nothing ready, for this day is holy to our Lord. And do not be grieved, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.” 
  3. Worship and Celebration. The joy found in returning home, hearing the words of God, and knowing that you were finally in His safety naturally led to worship and celebrating. The goodness of God moves us to worship; in our own private times as well as with our brothers and sisters in Christ. It’s a natural outward reflection of what we are experiencing inward.

In time of uncertainty, fear, anxiety, and danger life can feel overwhelming. As our country and the world is searching for answers, we know that God is the ultimate place of refuge. Nehemiah writes in verse 8, “for the good hand of my God was upon me.” As I point back to my intro story, my friends and I felt strongly that God was leading us to organize a prayer movement. In doing so we believe we will witness unity, rededication to God, and worship and celebrating in the body of Christ.

On The Wall Prayer Movement is looking for men and women of God who are ready to take action in the spiritual realm: utilizing the Word as a reference, and petitioning God through daily prayers. “Truly, I say to you, whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. Again I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” Matthew 18:18-20.

I am hoping that your heart is racing to join us and you are now yelling at your computer screen to tell you more!

  1. You can sign up to be a prayer partner: http://eepurl.com/gP7B2f
  2. Each week you will receive an email with instructions for prayer. The weekly blog will include scripture focus as well as 3 key points of prayer for the week.
  3. Prayer will be held at 12pm EST everyday. If you are unable to pray at that time, please set up your own daily reminder/alert. The purpose is to have everyone praying everyday AS ONE.
  4. Our first prayer blog will be published next week, August 17. This gives us 3 days to invite friends and family!
  5. Stay tuned for updated social media accounts on Youth Pastors Coalition. Facebook and Instagram will give weekly updates of prayer points. You can share these and invite others to pray with us!

Brick by brick and prayer by prayer, we desire to honor God and bring Him joy. It is in His joy we will find strength and a place of safety. So come on brothers and sisters, let’s become ONE.

In Him,



Nehemiah was a man of action; he got things done. He knew how to use persuasion but also force. One may properly call him the father of Judaism. Because of Nehemiah, Judaism had a fortified city, a purified people, a dedicated and unified nation, renewed economic stability, and a new commitment to God’s law.

– D.C. Martin

youth ministry

Pastor, What Your YP Wants You To Know

Youth ministry can be one of the most rewarding places of ministry in the church. It is led by great men/women of God who pour their heart and soul into walking with teens who are experiencing the growing pains between childhood to adulthood. Despite all the rewarding fulfillment of serving alongside teen ministry, there are a great number of youth leaders who are struggling in their church leadership position. Senior Pastor, here’s what your youth pastor wants you to know:

  1. The youth ministry is not a parachurch. This group of young people is a portion of the church ministry. The vision, the mission, the goals of the youth ministry do not need to be created by the youth pastor/director. You are the man/woman of God appointed to lead the church. Everything flows from you. What is your vision, mission, goals for the youth ministry? Your youth pastor wants to have creative freedom to explore what you have already set in place, not create a whole new ministry. Saying to your YP, “welcome! It’s a clean slate, do whatever you want with the youth, I fully support you” is honestly NOT what they want to hear. No one wants a micromanager, so don’t misinterpret this, however the YP wants to know that they are leading a group of teens in the direction of the larger body. It is their heart that teens will easily flow from kids ministry to youth ministry to adult ministry without turmoil, because everything is under the same leadership direction that was given to you.
  2. The youth leader desires discipleship. Honestly, who doesn’t? Jesus sought the wisdom of His father. Jesus poured into those around Him. It’s the model we should purpose to follow. Your youth pastor wants to sit in a conversation with you and discuss what he/she is reading, time in the word, prayer life, etc. This is not meant to be a “to-do” on the job description. This is an intentional time where you bond together over life and the word. You intentionally pray together and seek wisdom. In this moment you are not the boss, you are a mentor. Just as much as they are a church leader or possibly staff person, they are also your sheep. Are you shepherding them like the rest of the flock? Truth is, they need more shepherding than most, as they are also shepherding those around them.
  3. Shepherding means they get to share their struggles.We are foolish to think that Senior Pastors and Youth Pastors are without struggle. I know we might present that picture, but let’s be real. When a place of trust is created between the senior pastor and youth leader, opportunities will arise for them to be real and admit their struggles.

“Don’t be so quick to judge them because they are in a place of leadership, but be quick to jump in and love them even more because they are in a place of leadership.”

I have walked alongside youth leaders who struggled with sin, depression, anxiety, marriages in turmoil, etc. A great majority of them confessed that they could never seek the leadership of their pastor. They feared job loss, ministry failure, or deep tongue lashing. What they were desperately in need of was the same pastor that wrapped his/her arms around the congregation members who experienced the same struggles. Your youth pastor needs a shepherd who will love, guide, and walk with them in their struggle; not judge and threaten their position.

  1. They want to see your face with the teens too. YES! Randomly show up for a youth night, ice cream party, water wars, something! Don’t show up in your fancy suit and tie either. SHOW UP! Have some fun! Scream loudly and jump around. The teens need to see a man/woman of God who is real, fun, and loving outside of the pulpit. Don’t be stuffy. Let loose.
  2. Do life with them. This goes back to #2, but have some coffee, play basketball, bowl, watch a movie, invite them over for dinner and DON’T TALK ABOUT WORK LIFE. Enjoy each other. Enjoy your differences. Enjoy your similarities. Laugh. Cry. Be present in their life. Here’s permission to even do that during “work hours”. The pay off is ginormous. It develops a deeper relationship among church leadership and it ultimately trickles down to the congregation. People want family; even your leaders.

Do you desire to grow in any or all of these areas? In the beginning things may seem odd, but the more you practice them, the more organic they become. Desire to create a space of mentorship and discipleship with your church staff. Doing so reflects ministry as Christ demonstrated for us.

In Him,