Our Story

Many sun rotations ago, two random youth pastors met through divine opportunity. One was looking for a church partner to create a baccalaureate service for her graduating high school students. After calling church, after church, after church, she finally reached the end of her list with one church remaining. Was it even worth the phone call?

Within moments of her phone call she was directed to the Youth Director. She explained her desire for church partnership for a high school service, and quickly the voice on the other end excitedly said, “YES! We would love to partner with you.” Two weeks later the new acquaintances met for the first time moments before they co-led a community baccalaureate service.

For the next several months, the new acquaintances (Pam + Kyle) would see each other at various community meetings and developed a ministry friendship. They soon found themselves in one of the local high schools casting vision and dreams for church and school partnerships. God had more divine opportunities just around the corner!

Pam arrived at the local high school for a meeting on a random day. As she was waiting at the school front door for admittance, she stated in the intercom, “Pam Bailey, I am here for the youth pastors meeting”. Another women was standing behind her waiting for admittance to the building and asked, “a youth pastors meeting? What is that? I am a youth pastor.” (this is where unicorns and rainbows enter the scene). Pam slowly turned around and met Keisha for the very first time.

Pam, Kyle, and Keisha quickly knew their souls had been knitted for a purpose. A heart for unity in the body has always been the core of their dreaming, creating, and planning. Youth Pastors Coalition was birth out of their desire to see local youth pastors unite as one body in serving local students and schools.

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